Joro: New work. Procession 2. Current.

February 2016 PS Mirabel - Transition - Manchester.

March 2012. Art in The Arms: Launch of WhiteWash, Exhibition of local artists

May 2010. Machin Foundation Annual Exhibition. Garmelow Manor, Stafford

September 2010. The Point Art Gallery: Staff Group Exhibition. 

June 2009 MA group Exhibition. A Water’s Edge, Birmingham Custard Factory. 

June 2008. Chesterfield Pomegranate Theatre: 10100 Words. Exhibition of photographic portraits

June 2006. 5 Very Excited Artists.  Chesterfield College. Exhibition catalogue 

November 2005 – January 2006.  Group Show

Derby City Open Art Exhibition:  Derby Museum and Art Gallery 2005

May – June 2005.  Solo show.  An Exhibition of Photographs.  Chesterfield College. Exhibition catalogue

September – October 2004.  Group Show


The Vic Art Gallery, Renfrew Street, Glasgow

September 2004:  Group show. Terra Nova 2. Glasgow School of Art. 

July 2004: Degree show “If you came this way,” Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art.  Degree Show

June – July 2003.  Group show “rightthiscallsforimmediatediscussion” Market Gallery – Glasgow

June 2002.  Group show “2” Haldane Gallery:  Glasgow School of Art

June 2001:  Foundation exhibition, group show.Photographic exhibition, end of year show. Chesterfield College


My practice is varied drawing from a range of camera technology. The main areas of research sit within traditional forms of landscape photography exploring landscape as a liminal space. Other works utilise the mechanics of video and sound technology as tools to reconfigure familiar subject matter.

My Landscape work, "If you came this way," explored the pastoral English Landscape drawing from the poetry of T.S.Eliot. This work evolved into A Water's Edge, a body of work  that investigates the multifaceted space on the surfaces of water, adopting techniques to abstract the visual experience from a literal description. A Water’s Edge was made in a range of places around South Yorkshire, but conceptually, the work is an imagined transition from life to death drawing from Pagan and Celtic traditions seeing bodies of water as a space where we transition the dead as in ancient cultures, a liminal space, layered through reflection and refraction, rendered photographically.  

Whilst I make images and video using invested camera technology, I also make pictures daily. This takes the form of Walking.Looking.Thinking, an ongoing work, which applies a structure of making images within the chaos and distraction of daily life and work. The discipline is maintaining a focus on image making and narrative, observing environments and composing thoughts, compositions and exercising the formal qualities of photographic practice and uncontrolled sequences of images. They represent a residue of the daily subjective experiences without knowing what they are going to be. 

I am a lecturer specialising in Fine Art Photography. My experience of education includes writing bespoke curriculums for college and universities through the design and delivery of a BA Fine Art Practice programme and FDA's in art practice with the University of Hull. I develop strategies to help adults engage with creative education from a range of circumstances and backgrounds.

I hold a degree in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art, an MA in Photography from DeMontfort University and a PGCE from the University of Hull. I recently received funding to undertake a creative practice PhD to examine how art education could be taught within the Further Education context. The PhD will focus on how FE colleges can serve their communities by investigating what communities need from a college and how creative education can be applied to enrich and empower collective and individual critical thinking.

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